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Old 21st August 2015
It is interesting to me that a lot of people are choosing which one sounds best, and assuming that that must be the Oberheim. Not a lot of the time, but there are definitely times where I am composing with diva, which I do often, and I simply cannot make a patch that sounds as good with my analog Polys. Now, I certainly don't have an OB-8, but I made my choice based on characteristics that I hear more frequently in analog versus software VA, not which sounded "better".

Swan, I was wondering what your thoughts were on mixing down a track with software versus hardware recordings? I find for some reason that it's easier to mix down hardware recordings, even when they sound very similar. It's like the analog hardware has a presence, and I'm not just talking transient type sounds though often that is true with shorter envelopes, the analog VCA can make a much sharper transient which maybe sticks out in a mix with less gain.

Even looking at a spectrum analyzer, the harmonics look different. The analog appears more defined, while the software seems like it has more harmonics.....or it looks fizzy. Not sure I'm using the correct terminology here. Long story short, it seems like there is more headroom available when I use analog hardware. I'm not even talking using dozens of oscillators with panning and spread, as thise type of oatches are a dead giveaway. I just mean record the software in mono, using one or two oscillators...keeping things as they are in the hardware world.

Maybe you can comment after the votes are in and we have a result?