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Lives for gear

Originally posted by smoothmoniker
I think they could do like a 10 buck sunday badge that opened the show to the public, and then the dealers and demonstrators would just know that they shouldn't make any deals on that day. Flood the gates, enter the unwashed masses to wank the new gear.

Here here!. I am so in favor of that I can't even tell you. I have quietly been arguing this inside for a while now. In a previous post, someone said (gearguy?) that the show is for manuf to sign up dealers. Well, it used to be that way for pro audio manuf, but it hasn't worked like this in years. Nobody buys at the show anymore, too many "over buys" that purchasing guys regretted later. So I'm not exactly sure what the big transactions are that happen at nam other than international biz, which has also fallen off since 9/11. Maybe a lot of guitar biz?

The public should be invited, that would make me and a lot of others very happy.