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Presonus Firepod?

Alesis Multimix?

I could be wrong on this, but after researching, I can't see how either of these would work. What I need to do is to record simultaneously from the individual inputs as seperate files, and I don't think the firepod or multimix would allow this. To clarify if I wasn't clear before: I need to capture each of the individual inputs to a file, not the downmix of the inputs.

I'm thinking that an M-Audio Delta 1010 may be more appropriate, but I am not sure how well this would work with 6 microphones. Anybody had any experience with that? I'm trying to keep costs down here, and I am hiping I could get away without adding pre-amps to the mix. Again, I am not that worried about sound quality: I merely need to be able to establish how long a particualr channel is receiving sounds.