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I think either one would work fine. The trick is just to run as short a cable as practical from attenuator to power amp. Fwiw, I think Carbon sounds much better than conductive plastic. Or CERMET, that one was no bueno.....

Well, of course they are! Why use something that is cheap and works just about perfectly like passive attenuation, when you can add needless complexity and degradation? It's the audiophile way..............................

Okay, I hadn't considered which one would sound better! In the new analog modular synth world (yes, I'm an addict - but that's another story), sealed CP and Cermet are often favored for linearity, thermal stability and rotational life. So, I guess I assumed they would sound better, too... I've gotten real close to the true stepped thing, but choke at impedence, series vs. ladder, smt vs. through hole, etc. (and cost). BTW, what's the Marchand tip, Dave?