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Originally Posted by Nehe555 View Post
im a bit new at this stuff, and i've got a quick question:

how does one strike that balance between over-deadening a room with treatment and having no treatment at all?

after looking at the photos, the first thing that came to mind was, "i wonder if the room is now really dead-sounding." of course, after hearing that little drum jam, i'm convinced that it sounds great. but if i were to undertake a similar project, i wouldn't want overkill.

would appreciate any response to this. btw, i'm not in any way bashing ur work jason. it looks fantastic and i'm very happy for u!

I'd have to say in my case, with such a small room... There was absolutely nothing what so ever good about it.

Every sound and reflection was complete crap.... very tinny and springy (if you have a small room, low ceiling, you know the sound I'm talking about when you clap your hands)

I found by killing the room sound completely (as far as any reflections go), I can get tighter and more detailed recordings of the source and yes I do need to use artificial reverbs to widen things or ambient drum samples to augment the track. But hey, I can live with this... And I understand our limitations

Is this the best way to work? No... but for us it's the only way since a room is a room and we cannot make it bigger unfortunately... Although we are building a new studio now so I look forward to working in there.

I do have to say... when mixing, it is a lot tighter... I hear what the bass is doing and I can really tell the difference between instruments and their frequency ranges.

I'd say... if it aint good to begin with, kill it! (To a certain extent as well... You don't want to kill all of your highs or make it completely lifeless)

just my opinion... this was a very small room for tracking

This project was one small step in the budget and ONE LARGE STEP for the studio!!!!

Good luck!!!