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Old 17th March 2015
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Using the USAMO with apogee duet for ipad and mac with ableton. It took a bit of tweaking to get it just right - the test mode included within is very helpful. For me, it required having trim mode at max, output of duet at 0db and the output level within ableton at -1.5db or so. But once I got it, it is rock solid. There is a latency you need to compensate for with any soundcard; once that's done the USAMO is jitter free.

I believe there is some misinformation about hardware synths and their internal jitter - I was worried that the USAMO wouldn't make that big a difference. I couldn't have been more wrong - it really is as tight as you could hope for and makes my analogue synth finally worthwhile. Great product and for 150 bucks or so is a great deal!!