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Do you have the 224 non XL?

I don't know if its just me but I could've sworn when i heard them both together the 224 sounded darker than the XL version.

Weird that the Larc would cause a tonal change. Idk maybe it was the condition of the respective units
The 224 has a 20 kHz sampling rate, with a bandwidth of 8 kHz.

The 224XL has a 34.25 kHz sampling rate, with a bandwidth of 15 kHz. So it is FAR brighter than the 224.

The 224XL has all of the algorithms of the 224, but at the higher sampling rate. The 224XL also introduces the "Rich" algorithms (Rich Chamber, Rich Plate), that have a different tonality than the older 224 algorithms, and are closer to what the 480L uses. All of the 224XL algorithms have chorusing, and the 224XL Rich Plate is maybe the best reverb algorithm I have ever heard.