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You shouldn´t release it as open source. That is a waste of effort, and open source ideologists just wait to abuse you, and demand more, and you will get nothing. Resulting in a regression to facist scenarious by anti-establishment hippies, and indeed the level of totem-worship. Look at Microsoft. One of the biggest companies in the world, where people with that intelligence, gets jobs. Doing business as usual = the only way. If you cannot, you really just need to wait or build that option.

Open source as a whole, has no serious basis. Instead ofcourse Stallman, is what the myth of the "hacker living underneath MIT" is based on. Which really parallels acid-legends, and their "fall to earth". A philosophy inspired by his exclusion from Paradise, nobody wants.

Don´t let Stallman stall natural developments, ignore open source. (Official pro-establishment & cilvilization slogan pr 2015.)
So.. the internet doesn't run on mostly open source software then? That seems pretty serious to me.