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SamplesLoops Tabula Rasa for Serum released on patchpool

I have just released my second set for Serum:

All wavetables in this set are created from scratch, either by resynthesizing acoustic instruments, vocals, percussion, hardware synthesizers and sounds derived from organic and inorganic materials like wood, metal, plastic and glass or by creating wavetables and single cycle waveforms in Serum’s own editor.
34 wav-samples were produced especially for this set including cinematic soundscapes and drones, abstract and atonal textures and acoustic percussion sounds.

Complex modulation routings enable the user to deeply interact with the sounds, often totally changing a patch at the turn of a Macro. Tabula Rasa contains a wide range of expressive sounds ranging from ambient drones and warm pads to dark and gloomy textures to cinematic impacts and sound effects to futuristic and new age-sequences to beautiful plucks and bell sounds to expressive leads, deep basses and edgy stabs.

You can view/download the PDF for this set including the licence agreement, more info and a detalled patchlist here.

  • *104 patches (75.9 MB)
    *34 samples (44.1 Khz/24 Bit/stereo) - 313 MB
    *All patches have Velocity, Modwheel and four Macros assigned, most patches also use Aftertouch
    *114 wavetables (50 MB)
    *42 LFO shapes
    *Library size: 458,2 MB installed
    *Delivery: Download
    *Price (paypal): € 30 EUR

All demos were produced entirely with Serum using only patches from Tabula Rasa, no post-processing was applied apart from a limiter on the outputs and some volume automation, if several instances of Serum were used in a track. Only one demo uses external reverb processing, as mentioned in the track title.

Some videos:

More videos can be found in this youtube playlist.

Product page. A discounted Serum Bundle is available on the main Serum page, containing both my sets for Serum.

Thank's for reading!
Simon Stockhausen

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