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Today was flageolet day, here is a demo impro for the patch "Flageolet Meditation" - playing long overtone transitions with natural harmonics on the open cello strings (up to 1+ minute long), these are layered with their respective long bowed route note. 3 keyswitchable combos are available, route + tuned harmonics (tuning all harmonics to a tempered scale with Melodyne which took many hours as it doesn't work well automatically), route + original harmonics (as played), and route+tuned harmonics in unison mode where there is a sample offset between the 2 overtone cellos, so you have two cellos playing harmonics on top of each other plus the route. Volume controls for route + overtones are available, sample position can be controlled, temposynced amplitude and filter modulation can be introduced, temposyncced pitch modulation (square-shaped up to +/- 1 octave), chorus/analog delay, and reverb controls are there too.

This is such a beautiful patch, I'll also make some granular versions.

Played live on HD tweaking the 8 Macros and the wheel on the impro fly: