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When talking about how the sound quality of the Solaris is so good, people cite the 96KHz processing rate. But you can run plugins at 96KHz as well. So is there more to it than that?
It's a great question and I think the answer is yes even if I don't have more details (others may). I'm not suggesting that the 24-bit/96KHz processing is solely responsible for the excellent sound quality -- the credit should probably go to the DSP coder(s).

I completely understand people who make the mental calculation that they can get similar functionality, and maybe even similar sound quality to their ears, by adding something like Reaktor to their existing DAW rig at a significantly reduced cost. That's a valid point, but no VST is a self-contained instrument and there's no question that a big part of the Solaris' cost involves the labor and parts required to deliver a large, detailed, high quality physical product.

FWIW, I run my DAW at 24/96 using decent converters (RME) and I've run Diva on it's most DSP-intensive mode (among other plug-ins). The sound of some modern plug-ins can be very impressive, but I still prefer the sound of the Solaris, not to mention all the tangible benefits of the physical interface. I'll say this: if the Diva engine were offered in a physical synth format, it would be a strong contender in my book as a pure VA, but not a true Solaris competitor.