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The Nord G2 came out 10 years ago and also ran at 96k/24-bit. Heck, the G1 ran at 96k in 18-bit and is 15 years old. I don't know much about the DSP power required to create a synth voice, but 10 voices still seems extremely low for a digital synth in this day and age. It would be nice there was an option to add more voices.
The Nord Modular G1 only ran the audio signals at 96kHz. The modulation, logic and the slave inputs ran at 24kHz. I don't know about the G2 but I wouldn't automatically assume that everything including the modulation ran at 96kHz, although I guess it's possible (EDIT: I've just checked the G2 manual and the control signals are 24kHz; the logic signals can be either 24kHz or 96kHz depending on the module output used). In the Solaris everything, audio and modulation, is 96kHz 24 bit.

In terms of polyphony, if you created an architecture like that of the Solaris in either of those synths, even if it were possible, I doubt you'd get anywhere near 10 notes polyphony. I suppose the Solaris could have used a more dynamic method of assigning processing power so that you could maybe get more notes on patches that used fewer of the available modules in the Solaris but I'm guessing that would have complicated things considerably in the implementation. As it is each SHARC is responsible for generating two complete voices if I recall correctly.