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Stop, you're killing me! Just kidding, but I think Solaris is my most wanted keyboard/synth. And I can afford it, I just don't think I can personally justify it right now. I've read and listened to everything I could find and the sounds I've heard are in line with the type I'd like to make.

One thing that gave me pause was that there was some guy who developed some nice presets for the Solaris and in the end gave the Solaris back and said he could just get Reaktor and do the same thing. (Maybe I can find that it again and put a link.) I think JB came back and said yeah but he didn't like the sound of Reaktor or NI stuff.

When talking about how the sound quality of the Solaris is so good, people cite the 96KHz processing rate. But you can run plugins at 96KHz as well. So is there more to it than that?

Edit: Here's the link I was referring to above. I wouldn't have mentioned it but he seems to be a very good synth programmer.

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