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I would, if it was 4 part multi timbral...and I am not quite sure about its step sequencer.
Yeah, lack of splits/layers is one of the common complaints and I *think* it's on the short list of features slated for the next major OS update whenever that happens. The details are all captured on the Solaris forums. I have spent much time with the step sequencer yet.

When I ordered mine, I made a point of asking myself whether any of the known limitations/bugs would really bother me because I think it's a mistake to buy anything today hoping it will become something else over time. Many of us have been burned by vaporware and wishful thinking at one point or another, right? Bowen, to his credit, isn't making distinct promises about OS updates right now -- he's simply providing updates on the development process as it unfolds.

If the Solaris never receives another update, it's of no consequence to me, though I understand that some people expect more features given the asking price.