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Do you think it's a fresh love for you?
It's a fair question, but the answer is no. I've been working with all kinds of music/audio gear for around 30 years now, especially synths, and my tastes are finely honed. Just as I think most people know the sinking feeling when they buy a shiny new thing, get their hopes up, but the sound simply disappoints out of the box, there's also a deep excitement when you play an excellent sounding instrument the first time and you just know it's winner to your ears. While tastes can obviously vary, I'd be surprised if anyone played a Solaris under good circumstances and didn't come away impressed by the sound quality.

I am sure a lot of people could make good music with just a rusty JV1080 , a Slim Phatty , a Waldorf Streichfett and some nice FX.
No question. As I initially noted, I don't presume to think the Solaris makes economic sense for everyone -- indeed, I feel lucky to have one -- nor does it take away from what so many enterprising artists can do with minimal rigs or even old/unloved equipment. But take that same person and give them a Solaris and I think it's fair to assume they'll come up with even more impressive sounds.

May i beg you for some demo sounds?
I'm still working up new patches of my own and I may post some in the future. For now, I'd urge you to read this article and listen to these excellent samples if you haven't already. They don't substitute for hearing the Solaris in the flesh, but I think they're fairly representative of its sonic diversity if not its impact:

John Bowen Solaris – a life’s work | GreatSynthesizers