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Old 5th October 2014
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As someone who's waiting for my Solaris to ship out as part of batch #4 it's great to hear that the wait is worth it and that you're having a blast with the Solaris. The fact that the Solaris exists at all is really a testament to John's passion and perseverance because he's had to overcome a whole host of production and development issues along the way, some of which he's still dealing with. That none of this seems to have dimmed his commitment to maintaining the level of quality evident in the design of the Solaris and to continue work on the OS is something I think he deserves credit for, even if some of those issues have lead to delays that no one wants (least of all John). I'm hoping that he'll soon be able to move forward with the implementation of the multitimbrality and a few other things he's hinted at perhaps incorporating in the OS.

That said, I think that the Solaris is a fine instrument as it stands, so even if a multi mode and improved effects implementation would be great to have, the synthesis power on offer is pretty unique for a hardware synth of this type. Mine cannot arrive soon enough.