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Well it's Roland. What do you expect in GS? For example, the way people talked about the Jupiter 80 in here is one of the finest examples of idiocy and ignorance on the internet.

Regarding the Integra what do you mean you wish it had a new sound set? The integra is a new soundset! The older tones are the icing on the cake! A gigantic icing!
Well, actually they're another cake on top :D

I've had the Integra for almost a year now and it's an amazing box. I remember when i turned it on and played it i was amazed. The sound is really really good, powerful and fresh. The supernatural acoustic sounds are really great and fun to play. Love the guitars!
And nobody talks about the new supernatural acoustic drums. I think they're the best acoustic drums available today be it on hardware or software and they are extremely editable.

The pcm sounds are also still fresh. It's amazing.

I mean there is so much sound possibilities in here that one of the things it can do is actually harm your music production, because if you start exploring while looking for tones you will get lost in them!

Stop waiting for the new yamaha workstation and try this out :P
Hi DNGmaestro,

Thanks for the positive feedback regarding the Integra-7.

I'm seriously looking into adding it to my setup. It would surely add a lot of sonic power, and as you said, it has a lot to offer as far as tones are concerned, that I will surely be spending many sleepless nights programming, and discovering it's deeper potential.

As far as waiting for the next generation of Yamaha workstation. Well.. I already gave up on them. I think they have their lost their mojo. Which is very Sad. Their latest release is a white Motif XF ...