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Old 16th July 2014
Lives for gear

I can't see people pissing and moaning about the Integra when you're still seeing individual SRX boards going for 200-300 USD every day and most of the JV ones rising over time. And people are using them in machines that dont even sound as great as the Integra.

Until you actually have one or get to try one out in a decent room you can't really compare them to the older modules. Used in the US you can get one for $1300-$1500 no problem right now.

I have an Integra and a JD990 with a Vintage card (and string ensemble card set) and its all I'll ever need for ROMplering.

The more I use the Integra I really like it, I really like the Supernatural sound synthesizer emulation that they put in it. Has a great tight sound. Very editable. It is really good for pads and basses. I wasn't even expecting to use the synthesizer part of it with all of the stuff I already have.

Like I said, for me, it's perfect. I wanted stock sounds into my analog and modular studio but I didnt want to buy a softsynth that would be taxing my computer nor bring another damned keyboard into the house. All this power, all these sounds and effects and mixing just sit in a tiny rack.

When I first started jonesing for the Integra part of the reason is that I missed (silly, I know) a RD700 stage piano that I bought for super cheap and flipped for a lot more than I paid for it. Some of the sounds, some of the silly but very editable digital effects in it I missed as well. I have an Eventide Eclipse, Lexicon 300, plenty of great outboard and somehow I still missed these dumb effects. Those effects are in the Integra and sound much better. I wish the external input was able to take on all the effects but at least they can still be subject to the reverb and chorus.

I have the feeling that there is going to be a lot of development of the Integra over the next few years. It is now finally starting to hit its stride in hype, use and popularity. I think Roland are finally figuring out what they can do with it.