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Old 15th July 2014
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The thing that surprised me with the Integra 7 was that despite it having a zillion patches, it didn't have all the patches I used when I had a JV1080 with the JV-04 Vintage Expansion board. One was a particular Moog bass (called 'Classic MG' I think).

I believe this is because it contains all the SRX boards which are themselves a 'best of'.

There was another stock JV-1080 sound called 'Alive' which is present but without an A/B comparison I'm not sure that it sounds 'exactly' the same.

Apart from that it's still a great bread and butter module. Maybe the front panel editing isn't as intuitive as what the JV-1080 was. I presume this is because it's main feature is really the SuperNatural tones and not the legacy JV/SRX four tone stuff.

I can't pass comment on how the sound quality compares though I do like the ability to record digitally.