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Old 15th July 2014
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I just got one about a week ago. It's AH-MAZ-ING.

Exactly what I needed to go with my other synths (Juno 106, PEK, mopho, P12 and slim phatty again soon)

16 channels of digital synths (each with their own effects) without sacrificing ANY CPU power - yes please! And, the sounds are great and fit in the mix very very well.

I wanted one for 2 years but they wouldn't make a PC VST editor. Now that it's out, I scooped it up immediately. I couldn't be happier!

I run it SPDIF (luckily my sound card has SRC on input so I do not have to clock to the Integra) and then I also run 2 sets of stereo analog outs from it. SO I try to keep everything on SPDIF for digital INTEGRity but if i really need to separate something into Cubase I have 2 other stereo paths. Usually I wind up running pads and that kinda thing digital, then maybe seperate bass and any drums among the other analog outputs.

Anyway, you can grab it used for $1500 it's a NO BRAINER.

Dont forget the AXIAL website for tons of free sound banks.

It's definitely the best digital multi-timbral rack unit ever made.