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I remember back in the 90's, I wanted a Roland JV1080 more than anything, and as I recall they were about $1,395 new. I waited and waited and waited for the price to get reduced.... finally got mine (which I still have) for about $700. But I guess my point is that when Roland has a hit on their hands, you can wait a long time for a blowout.
Yeah, I'm not really in a hurry. A few months ago I did a package deal on a new Kronos and Fantom G8 for just a few hundred dollars more than the price of an Integra 7. The funny thing is, used/mint G8's are selling on eBay and CL for more than I paid for *both* the G8 and Kronos combined. I could turn around and sell the G8, buy a new Integra, and pocket the $600 left over. In the final survey, I'll have gotten a new Integra for less than the going rate and the Kronos for free.

But I think I'll wait. Eventually the Integra will either be blown out or I'll find one for a deal on CL. One thing about living in Austin is that everything shows up on CL eventually. You just have to be ready to move on it when a good one comes along.

Roland really do have a decent hit on their hands, even though a lot of people are dumping hardware romplers and going software.