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Once they discontinue something, Roland usually blows them out at around 60% of the regular selling price. That's how I bought my V-Synth a few years back. I also bought my Fantom G8 new for $1200 when they were blowing those out as well. It's all about timing.

I'd say getting the XV library isn't just revisiting what Roland put out a decade ago. The sounds are pretty much timeless and generally useful, and most of the expansion cards are very good. I actually like that the Integra is a combination of legacy technology that Roland got right (XV expansions) and a look forward with Supernatural.
Yes, they will eventually discontinue the Integra 7 , but I'm guessing we are talking in a few years, maybe 3 or more, since it is a relatively new product.

Companies like Roland can always recycle their past sounds into new boxes, but that is one thing I'm not a big fan of. Especially when we are talking a decade old technology/sound expansions.

They could have offered a much higher quality sound set than what they offered a decade or more ago. So, this is a big compromise for me.

Just thinking what they could have done with today's technology, but chose not to, and decided to offer what they already did once again in a new package. No matter how much marketing they try to slam behind the SRX stuff, they are still old products they are trying to revive once again.

Seriously.. I feel they should have offered a new set of sounds that are better for 2014. But then again, there will always be those who feel older sounds offered a decade ago are good enough, and buy it again. That's how marketing works, and as long as there are buyers, Roland will be smiling.