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I'd buy the Integra just to have the complete XV library in one unit. The Supernatural sounds are icing on the cake. As soon as they blow them out for $1200 or so, I'll be getting one.
They are priced at $1999. I have no clue when they would blow them out at $1200

I used to have the XV-5080 with a bunch of SRX expansion cards. It has been a decade now, so... I was expecting something new, and better sounding than what they offered a decade ago. This is the only issue I have with the Integra 7. I wouldn't want to just re-visit what I had a decade ago. Roland needs to move forward, and offer newer, better products.

With the high-quality sample libraries offered these days, I might just stick to software based libraries, I already have a Motif XF7, which I feel sounds great.

Roland has a new Workstation as well, but I don't think it sounds as good as the Motif XF.

Again, I am still interested in further evaluating the Integra 7.