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Roland Integra 7 Users ... How do you like it ?


I'm thinking about adding the Roland Integra 7 module to my setup.

So.. Roland Integra 7 users : How do you like it so far ? Anything you don't like, or would like to see improved ? ...etc.

Do you think the Integra 7 has a better sonic quality than the older Roland XV-Series of modules ? I used to have their XV-5080 long time ago

Oh ... and Roland just added a Windows Editor for the Integra 7 which is one reason I'm considering it at this point in time. (Hope it works with Windows 8.1)

The Integra has 12 Virtual SRX boards. Are there any additional Expansions that can be added now, or in the future ? just wondering if it is possible to add more PCM based sounds to the Integra 7 now, or in the future ?