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One last note. Don't be fooled by AC30's. Even though they are the iconic Beatles amp, they were only used on the first 2 albums. And to be correct, Lennon was using an AC15 twin on Please Please Me.

Please Please Me and With the Beatles.

By the time A Hard Days Night came around, they had graduated onto Vox's AC50's. Which are EL34 driven, not EL84. A big difference in sound. But the speakers were probably still Alnico Celestions.

After that was the AC100 for a few records. Just a larger version of the AC50.

Then they were using Fenders and Solid State Vox amps for the rest of their career. From Rubber Soul on. With a few exceptions. But in the later years, Abbey Road and Get Back, the amps were almost all Fender Twins and Fender Bassmans.

Post 66, you will do just fine with a nice black face Fender amp and an Epiphone Casino. But don't buy a twin. They're too damn loud.