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FYI - For users of this current version of Auganizer and Reaper:

If you have Auganized your plugins after using AU plugins in Reaper, they will not load as Reaper will not be able to find them. Luckily, through Auganizer's revert to original state, you can undo this and restore correct operation for your existing projects.
As a workaround:

1. Save your existing Auganizer changes "Export Changes", then roll back to original state.
2. Load up your Reaper projects and save all your project's AU plugins settings as presets. Close and don't save your project. Exit Reaper.
3. Re-Auganize your plugins by"Importing Changes".
4. Load Reaper and swap your "not found" project AU plugins using the new plugin name. Load your AU preset and your project should work without any issues.
5. If all is good, save your project and you're good to go.