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I love the Focal's for production - I find them to be a great aid when tracking for making the best mic placement choices and have no desire to move on


I went to put them on yesterday and they felt funny on my head like they were suddenly sliding off one ear - I keep trying to adjust them, but it was still weird feeling.

I examined them more closely and discovered a crack running all the way around the right ear band (it was hidden with the top of the band fully closed as I usually wear them) - this is after 4 months of light use with no hits or falls - I am also the only one who uses these phones in my studio

By comparison, I have had pairs of ATM M-50's rocking for years under heavy use (musicians tracking with them and being not so careful) as well as some cheapish Sure SRH 440's that I have had in action twice as long with no issues.

I am very disappointing to say the least - I should have years of trouble free usage from a professional product in this price range - I am going to see how my dealer and Focal handle this, but I'm feeling pretty cold about my first foray into the world of Focal products at this point.
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