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Online Mixing and Mastering (174)
Premium Listing
LR Audio Mixing and Mastering
Quality hybrid mixing and mastering at affordable, fair rates.

I use high End Hardware as well as software tools to give your music the right professional sound.

I work in a great room with high quality monitoring as well as Conversion.

I will make your music sound professional and radio ready. Don't settle for Less!

Submitted 06/25/12, edited 11/12/13.

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Premium Listing
EDM / Dance Music Mixing & Mastering
US Billboard No.1 dance music Producer/Mix Engineer Chris Dececio aka Bellatrax is now offering mixing and mastering to a limited number of producers & artists

If you feel your tracks lack a professional final mixdown please hit the link above and fill out the contact form near the bottom of the page

Submitted 06/21/12, edited 06/23/13.

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Premium Listing
London Studio Engineers
London Studio Engineers are a collective of highly experienced, self-managed, freelance recording engineers.

Our engineers have vast experience in every aspect of the recording process and are available for all of your projects needs – from writing and pre-production through to the final mix.

LSE have worked in many of London’s premier recording studios including Abbey Road, Metropolis, Sarm West, Strongroom, and Rak, to name but a few. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients. We will therefore always endeavor to supply the engineer you request.

We are proud to work in association with Ravenscourt Studios and have access to the studios at a discounted rate; we can take care of your overdubs, edits and tweaks without the cost of having to go back into one of the big, expensive studios.

With excellent working knowledge in the use and setup of digital and analogue equipment, including practical knowledge and proficiency in the following:

Pro Tools HD
Logic Pro
SSL 9000J, 4000E/G, AWS and Duality consoles
Neve VR60 and 88RS
Most popular plug-ins and software instruments
Timing, tuning and editing
Various new and classic outboard equipment
Setup of live rooms for tracking; everything from orchestras and live bands through to single instrument overdubs


Submitted 05/10/12, edited 05/10/12.

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Premium Listing
Digital Bear Entertainment-Mixing Studio, Boston
State-of-the-art Augsburger-Designed mixing studio offers music production, mixing (including online mixing), licensing and overdubs services.

Our facility features an analog Solid State Logic Console, Quested monitoring system, and fully equipped with advanced professional gear from companies such as Avalon, API, SSL, Summit, Great River Electronics, Chandler, UREI etc. We also employ a customized LA-2A (T4c and a vintage T4c cell, switchable) and a Studer A810 tape machine optimized for GP9/900 and 456/911 tape, versatile enough to give you anywhere from mild saturation all the way to that "straight out of the 1960's" sound.

Jordan Tishler is a producer, mixer, engineer and artist manager with more than 20 years of experience. Classically trained musician and passionate about popular music, Jordan helps to bring out the best in performers and creates the unique sound for each artist. His credits includes Britney Spears, Kevin Lyttle, The Lustkillers, The Motion Sick, Elan Trotman, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Louie Bello, El Frente, & John Colvert.

Our rates are very reasonable and we also offer student rates for qualifying clients.

For a full list of equipments or for any other information please visit our website at, email us at or call Jordan 617-522-4550.

Submitted 04/03/12, edited 04/03/12.

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Premium Listing
Pro recording and mixing (DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE)
I am freelance audio engineer providing high quality, commercial release music recording, music mixing and mastering services at affordable rates for anyone.

With extensive knowledge of a vast range of musical genres and his ability to work in a friendly and professional manner, Arthur has been lucky enough to be involved with both new and upcoming artists as well as Major label artists, ranging from jazz to hardcore metal (and everything in between). No matter what the project, he gives each 100% of his energy to help artists deliver the best possible sound.

Being in the centre of the UK music industry as a part of Arcadium Studios and Miloco Studios, Arthur had an honour to work with some incredible artists and producers such as Nicole Scherzinger, Al Shux, John Newman, James Arthur, Mikky Ekko, Foxes, Jess Glynne, Jungle, Joel Compass, Alexa Goddard, Roots Manuva, Rae Morris and others.

Recording and mixing:

I am based at Arcadium Studios, London and I am available at a very affordable rates to work on full productions from start to finish including pre-production, production, recording, mixing and mastering.


Online mixing and mastering:

I also provide top quality online mixing services for clients who have recorded their demos, singles, EPs or Albums somewhere else independently and wish to get them ready for commercial release for a very reasonable price.

I have got my mixing and mastering (online) services available at discounted rate over Summer.

Mixing: £100 per song including 2 recalls and free mastering.

Mastering: £40 per song, further discounts available for EP/Album packages.

Official website:

Please follow me on Facebook and twitter as well:

You can contact me the following ways:

phone: +44 (0) 7775440305

Submitted 02/18/12, edited 07/10/14.

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Premium Listing
NYC Mixer/Producer w. Analog Studio
I have a fantastic mixing/overdub studio in brooklyn, NY. The studio features Pro Tools HD native 16 x 16 powered by a Mac Pro six core west mere 3.33 ghz

Black Lion Audio white sparrow for additional a/d conversion

My mixing board is a 24 channel Soundcraft 6000 which has been completely recapped and all opamps replaced by renowned technician Stephen Sank.

I have a revox b77 1/2" tape machine for mixdown

my compressors include Retro Sta Level, API 525, Distressors, 1176, MC77, API 2500, A designs Nail, DBX 162, DBX 160

EQ collection includes A designs Hammer, and EQ2 on the mix bus. Api 550a, 550b, 560 electrodyne 511, Purple Audio Lilpeqr

Effects include a zerotronics spring reverb, Lexicon PCM 42, Standard Level-or, XQP optical disruptor, etc.

Plug In's I find useful include, Autotune, Melodyne, Drumagog, Steven Slate Trigger, Brainworx high pass filter.

Microphone collection includes Neumann U87 modified by Klaus Heyne, Royer R121, Mojave Audio MA 200, 3 stereo pairs of handmade ribbon microphones, etc.

I'm interested in helping people make their records, whether that means help with tracking, production, mixing, or a combination of a variety of needs. I can also give you advice and training in how to record parts of your record by yourself at home to maximize your budget.

If you are a band or solo artist looking for a mixer/studio for mixing your album, EP, 7" I may be willing to do a rough demo mix to demonstrate what I can do for your project.

Contact me at or call me at 646-942-0695

Submitted 02/18/12, edited 02/18/12.

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Premium Listing
World Class Mixing
Professional producer/mixer/engineer with 40 years experience. Platinum credits from Joan Osborne to Cyndi Lauper to The Fixx, The Outfield, Hooters, Bob Dylan, Graham Parker, Too Much Joy. Always happy to work with new up and coming exciting artistes and within your budget.

Submitted 01/26/12, edited 02/07/12.

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Premium Listing
Michael Wagener/WireWorld Studio
Recording engineer/Producer with over 95 million units sold. Owner of WireWorld Studio in Nashville, TN.

Submitted 01/25/12, edited 03/07/13.

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Premium Listing
Pro Mixer Available
London (UK) based mixer available for work!

Many interesting and varied credits (major and indie) across many genres and all work completed in my tried and tested private studio.

Please check website for more info.

Submitted 01/22/12, edited 03/30/13.

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Premium Listing
Jan Caron Pressure Studios - artist, producer
Experiments and Grooves

Submitted 01/18/12, edited 01/18/12.

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Premium Listing
Mixer of Silverstein, BoysNightOut, ProtestTheHero
My name is Scotty Komer, and I'm a producer/mixer working out of Toronto. I've been doing production for about 14 years and have worked with some noteworthy bands. Below is a selective discography of my work.

-Boys Night Out "Make Yourself Sick" - Mixer/Producer
-Boys Night Out "50 Million People Can't Be Wrong" - Mixer/Producer
-Silverstein "18 Candles: The Early Years" - Mixer/Producer
-Silverstein "Arrivals and Departures" - Vocal Producer for "Best Buy" special release
-Silverstein "Decade: Live at El Mocambo" - vocal engineering/ recording/ vocal editing
-Protest the Hero "A Calculated Use of Sound" - Mixer/Co-producer
-The Pettit Project -- Entire catalog- Mixer/Producer

I'd love to do some mixes for some fun bands out there looking for a professional touch to their already-recorded tracks. I do a LOT of punk, hardcore, and pop, but I also love working with acoustic, rock, and electronic acts. I'd also be open to production work in general, if the fit is right.

Here's a link to some samples of my work… Scotty Komer's sets on SoundCloud

Drop me a line at if you want to talk at all. My rates are entirely flexable and I love to work with any and all exciting bands.


Submitted 01/16/12.

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Premium Listing
Edd Hartwell - London based engineer
Ex-SARM Studios and Trevor Horn employee, (as 1 of 2 studio engineers), I am now available on a freelance basis.

I worked for Trevor for 4 years, getting to learn from top class producers and engineers, including Trevor Horn, Stephen Lipson, Jim Abbiss, Guy Massey, Gary Langan and Tony Visconti among others.

My main musical love tends to be on the heavier side of music, but I have been lucky enough to work in just about all genres, and have got experience of working with orchestras, bands, (both recorded live and overdubs), and singer/songwriters.

My credits include, among others:

KT Tunstall - Tiger Suit
The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
Jeff Beck - Emotion & Commotion (nominated for best engineered album Grammy)
Ed Sheeran - +
The Kooks - Junk Of The Heart
The Noisettes - forthcoming album

Now freelance I have been able to work in many studios, garnering experience of different studios, consoles, and set-ups allowing me to be versatile to deal with many session/artist needs.

I have vast knowledge and working knowledge of:
Pro Tools HD
Logic Pro
SSL G and J consoles
Neve VR consoles
Most popular plug-ins and virtual instruments
Varied classic and new outboard equipment
Editing, timing and tuning of parts
Many recording/mic'ing techniques

I love working with both established and new artists, and can work to various different budgets as I enjoy working with new bands and being able to be a bit more hands-on in creatively in the recording process.

UPDATE: I recently did an interview for record, please check it out here...

Submitted 01/16/12, edited 03/11/12.

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Premium Listing
George Necola - mixing, production, mastering
I started my career in 1997 with a conductor degree (Konservatorium Zürich, Switzerland) and basoon education.

Discovered AC/DC in 1998 and started to play the guitar, founded Lager9-studios in 2000, worked with many bands since 2000, mostly producing and mixing them.

If I don’t like how your music sounds (to my personal music taste) I will be honest and turn your project down.

more on my page..

I love mixing and producing, have my unique sound and can make you sound good. The key is loud & quality.
Recording is part of the plan too. We are 3 people who can track your project. You can send me your prerecorded stuff as well.
If your budget is low or if you want to make the next black album, we can negotiate.

My strength is metal, rock, singersongwriter, folk music (espacially stuff with flute, violin, bagpipes, hurdygurdy) but I managed to successfully mix and produce house records (modern stuff with some old school attitude).

cheers & thank you for beeing interested in my work


more background: moderator since 2005
Focal press editor writer
Play electric guitar

Submitted 12/22/11, edited 01/07/12.

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