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Bashing my head against the wall of percussion
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3rd January 2013
Old 3rd January 2013
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Bashing my head against the wall of percussion

Hi, for my first post I'd like to share with you my attempts at a progressive morning psy style. I'm fine on music theory, I've been playing piano most of my life so alot of the composition aspects I think I can grab at intuitively. The problem is my percussion and technical knowhow is lacking, and I've fallen into a bit of a rut.

I'm hoping I could get some advice or maybe a neat trick or two to try out to get a handle on making interesting atonal percussive rhythms (using guys like e-clip, nerso etc as inspiration) that is the dominant feature of electro/progressive goa psy. Bear in mind this track is a little empty and boring for now since I'm hoping to refine the gaps with interesting rhythms.

I'm using ableton live 8 and alot of it's features are still largely a mystery to me so any interesting tips would also be appreciated. There's probably some cool stuff you can do with arpeggiators and perc I haven't managed to wrap my head around yet, I've just been using drum rack loaded with a bunch of samples and drawing in random crap in the midi editor for the most part lol.


edit: replaced the track with a new link, didn't realise how low the upper material was compared to the kick and bass

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