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Wachu think?
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4th June 2011
Old 4th June 2011
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Wachu think?

4th June 2011
Old 4th June 2011
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I like it. It's hard to comment too much on the mix on the crap speakers back here in the bedroom. It sounds like it's not quite there in parts, and other parts are sounding quite nice, like the intro and the more vocal breakdown parts, at least on these speakers. The vocal might be a bit over sibilant in a couple parts, but these speakers emphasize that a lot anyway.

The song itself is nice. It's a good vibe, whimsical and melodic. Definitely keep on it and take it all the way since it's worth putting in the time I think.

BTW, the official spelling is "Whatchu thank?" Gotta pay attention to the details!
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4th June 2011
Old 4th June 2011
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I dig it a lot...

I was hoping for a darker and not so hifi drum sound more like the intro vibe. Love the electric guitar it's perfect. I don't think the drums and bass fits the song. The bass is way too deep. I would go for a more midrange picky sound with darker (lofi, excuse the word) drum sound.

Cool song... The backing vocals are kind of lame - don't know why but I think they could be better. Like the lead.

Again - very cool song and nice electric guitar.

I'll add u as my watchathink friend on SoundCloud... Or I mean I'll start to follow you... My name is CountryPollution

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