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Series of Clips with Documentary Purpose of Rondonia in the Amazon Forest, Brazil
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24th August 2013
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Series of Clips with Documentary Purpose of Rondonia in the Amazon Forest, Brazil

Hello guys, I hope its ok to post this here as I usually post my video clips on the Show & Tell section. Together with the client I planned, shot, edited, graded, recorded most of the audio and did all post on this film which is consisted of songs and poems from the Amazon Forest region, specifically the Brazilian State of Rondonia and its Capital City, Porto Velho.
I just put up English CC, the video was published last Saturday and I'd love to have some feedback on both the film and translation. Also, I'm thinking of mixing it to 5.1 for theatrical (which we have no date yet, it's just a possibility), and being that I have very little experience on that (have mixed in surround a documentary and some other very short/simple stuff), so any suggestion in that regard is great too, I have every separated track including the music multitracks (no idea if I just pan the music L/R or if its usual to also put stuff on center and surrounds - I'm savvy on mixing the narrative parts though).
Remember to change the subtitle to your preferred size/font/color as the standard white might not be the best for easy reading.

Thanks for watching, likes are very much appreciated.
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