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how to treat living room/home studio????
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18th November 2012
Old 18th November 2012
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how to treat living room/home studio????

hi every one, i'm new to gearsluts. iv'e been doing research on treatimg a room
but have been getting overwhelmed. the room is an apartment so i can't go nuts and try to make it a professional studio. my goal is to buy my first vocal mic and have a way the vocals will sound very good. here is a vid of my space.
please somebody help? thank you.

Room treatment where to begin? - YouTube
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18th November 2012
Old 18th November 2012
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gobos are just moveable panels something like this.
Screen Panel : GOBO : GIK Acoustics
Or panels you can just stack or go on stands.
As far as treating the room you can take a look at some of these video to get you started. Basically bass trap as many corners as possible and panels for early reflection points. You also need to move to the center of that wall you are on now. Being off to one side is going going to throw off the imaging.
Tutorial Video Basics, Bass traps, Diffusion, Panels
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