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Problem with my demo studio. Technical help needed
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20th October 2006
Old 20th October 2006
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Problem with my demo studio. Technical help needed

Dunno if i'm in the correct forum for this matter, but let's give it a try.

Ok, just gonna see if anyone can identify the problem just by reading this vague text. The chain is apogee Rosetta 800 and a hammerfall card.

What happens is that somewhere I get this digital distortion. Everything slows down as if the transaction of the signal was broken. I don't know if my focusrite could have caused the damaged to the apogee. The thing is that this problem accured once before 2-3 days ago, and then all of a sudden it went away after a few hours just to come back now today after I turned on the focusrite. I had the phantom power on, and what happens when you turn on the preamp is that it hits red and I believe that boost has caused some kind of damage to the apogee converter. Does that seem likely? So what could be the problem? The liners? rosetta, hammerfall? I don't want to start sending things here and there before I know where the problem could be at.

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