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E-MU e6400 Ultra SIMM upgrade trouble...
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15th February 2013
Old 15th February 2013
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E-MU e6400 Ultra SIMM upgrade trouble...

Hi everyone....

Just bought 2x64mb SIMM ram for my E-MU e6400 Ultra sampler.

My problem is that the sampler only reports 32mb. No matter what i do....just install one simm alone, the other alone too, both at the same time....i always get only 32mb ram.

It's strange that both simms broke at the same time, so i'm wondering if its a compatibility problem or is the sampler....the simm provider sells usually to other E-MU users without any problem.

Is there anything i should do first to solve the problem? (i.e. software preferences, any jumper in motherboard, etc.....)

Thanks in advanced for any info....

Javier Coloma
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