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bi-amping JBL LSR32 passives with two Bryston 4Bs -- overkill ?
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23rd October 2012
Old 23rd October 2012
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bi-amping JBL LSR32 passives with two Bryston 4Bs -- overkill ?

Did a bunch of searching on this topic, but ran into a brick wall.

I've got a chance to score either one or two Bryston 4Bs, older models but both one owner and in near mint condition. I know these amps are rated for 400 watts output into 4 ohms per channel.

For years I've powered my JBL LSR32s with a QSC rmx2450. This amp puts out 650 watts into 4 ohms per channel. I know, this is a PA amp and is probably a joke compared to the likes of a Bryston; but the QSC does indeed provide enough power to fill up my room with these speakers with no risk of clipping the amp.

I'm just wondering if I should just take the plunge and buy the two Brystons at once whilst I still have the chance ?

Anybody here bi-amping the JBL LSR32/6332 passives with two 4Bs -- or even just two decent amps with similar wattage ? Or is it overkill and will one 4B still outperform my QSC amp ?

BTW, my CR is 23' X 16' X 13' and well treated. I have the speakers about 12' apart from each other, and about 7' away from my ears in the horizontal position.
24th October 2012
Old 24th October 2012
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You would have to try it, but I can say, I would not walk away from a chance to score some 4B's. Odds are they are still under warentee (20 years I think!) And the resale value isn't going anywhere if you don't like them.
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