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Midas Venice 240 or u24
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24th September 2012
Old 24th September 2012
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Midas Venice 240 or u24


I am currently using an Allen and Heath MixWizard3 14:4:2 for some live dubbing, however I'm running out of inputs. So, I have the option of

1) Getting a MixWizard3 12:2 and connect them using the Syslink 2 option
2) Replacing it with Midas Venice 240 or U24 or F24

What do you think? I have no experience with the Midas Consoles plus does anyone know if the MON1 and MON2 sends can be modified to post fader as oppossed to pre fader?

12th November 2012
Old 12th November 2012
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I was in the same boat as you, I had no experience with a Midas console, but obv I heard so much about them. All the good blurb I heard was enough to solidify my decision to stick with them. I ended up buying a Venice F32 and havent looked back since. Currently looking to purchase a even smaller console, but I've heard next to no information on the U16 or U24, no price, no manual, no dealers.
As to your other question, yes MON1 and MON2 can be switched both pre/post EQ AND pre/post fader
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