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tracking studio that specializes in guitars
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paperback writer
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5th May 2012
Old 5th May 2012
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tracking studio that specializes in guitars

If you had a recording studio that had the ambition to be the best and most complete for recording all sorts of electric guitars, what mic collection would it hold?

Of course the basic 57, and perhaps a royer 121, but what else?
5th May 2012
Old 5th May 2012
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c414, u87, md421 ......depend of the source.......every mic could work
5th May 2012
Old 5th May 2012
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I think I don't get your question. Do YOU want to specialize in recording guitars? And if, why would you need to ask questions like that if you should know everything on the topic already? Duh....
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5th May 2012
Old 5th May 2012
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lot's of equipment... check out michael wagener's studio WireWorld Studio

of course the best piece of gear there is MH's brain...
5th May 2012
Old 5th May 2012
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I would definitely say an AEA r92, an 1176 and a Chandler TG Channel. I personally like the sound a Burl B1 for heavy guitars, but have also had great luck with a Vintech 1272j as a preamp as well. Sennheiser 421 as well if it hasn't been mentioned.

47fet type(AT4047, possibly even a Bock195) for clean guitars. I personally have an Advanced Audio cm48fet that I use for this purpose, but the r92 also does really well a few inches back. I'm one of those that doesn't really like the sound of many mics to close to the speaker. I tend to start my mic placement the distance of my Countryman DI away from the speaker cloth. I find this helps the sound develop better, especially the upper frequencies that can get strident on guitars.
Ear Candy Studios

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5th May 2012
Old 5th May 2012
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d5 - Bass

r121 with a TRP sounds awfully good.
r121 + 57 the tits...
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