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Akg C214 vs Shure KSM 27
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2nd May 2012
Old 2nd May 2012
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Akg C214 vs Shure KSM 27

Hi, I'm kind of stuck between choosing two cardiod condenser mics: The akg c214 and the shure ksm 27. They both seem to be pretty good. I need them specifically for 3 applications: vocals, drum overheads, and guitars. I already have a neumann u87 and another akg c214. Should I just spend a little more and get another akg c214 or try something different and go for the shure ksm 27? which one would be better for vocals, which one would be better for drum overheads, and which would be better for guitars? how do these mics actually compared to each other? I'm very happy with the c214 that I currently own, it sounds great coming out of my SCA n72 and a12 preamps.

Thank you!

PS: If you recommend any other mics in the same price range, please do so!
2nd May 2012
Old 2nd May 2012
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If you have a 214 do the hard thing save some more money and think KSM44 or something in that range and gain multi-pattern!
You have a decent 1st LDC as much as I like the idea a pair but I hear so much more as you move up the ladder price wise! If it was me Id hold my cash till I get to say used Bock 195, Lawson Fet Beesneeez Arabella Gt ect !
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2nd May 2012
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KSM27 has been discontinued for a while now. If you have a line on one cool, but new might be harder to find.

Are you thinking about getting another 214 to have a pair? If so, that would be the obvious route since you do already like the one you have. In their price range, they are certainly decent for all the applications you are looking to cover.
2nd May 2012
Old 2nd May 2012
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KSM 32 all the way. I like them MUCH better than the 214.
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