dangerous 2-bus vs neve analog suming?
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22nd April 2012
Old 22nd April 2012
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dangerous 2-bus vs neve analog suming?

hi ,is there anyone who compare dangerous 2 bus and neve analog summing tools?
which one has beter sound?(wider,taller and deeper sound)
16th September 2012
Old 16th September 2012
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looks like an EII in the background of your avatar. Do you still have it? I used to own one.

We're having a lot of debates on hybrid summing. Its a touchy subject.

I have a big Hybrid rig and all I can say is the more hardware you add, the more fun it becomes. Without the hardware added, its not much to work with. Its my opinion, once you get a good amount of choice hardware, and learn what to do with it, it becomes apparent how powerful these summing boxes become. The concept is brilliant.
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