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Yamaha AW4416, AW2816 Low battery warning
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5th April 2012
Old 5th April 2012
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Yamaha AW4416, AW2816 Low battery warning

Hi Everyone! Please excuse my first post being slightly commercial but I think this info could benefit a lot of people!

this is mainly for UK based people...

I recently bought a Yamaha AW2816 which was fine other than the fact that it kept flashing 'Low Battery'. It turns out this problem is caused by a DS12887 clock chip which has a small lithium battery built into it. The battery is not rechargeable and has around a 10 year life-span so inevitably the batteries in the chips fitted in both the AW2816 and it's big brother AW 4416 are now reaching the end of their lives. The chip is a 24 pin DIL DS12887+ and is HARD SOLDERED onto the almost full sized main circuit board which itself has to come completely out to get to both sides. To get the main board out you first need to get two sub-boards completely out ...It's a good three hours if you are experienced but haven't done it before and pretty hairy considering the fragility and value of the hardware.
The main circuit board itself is not particularly robust either, the copper tracks are delicate and are easily damaged by repeated or poor quality soldering. The long term answer is to fit a 24 pin chip socket to allow you to put new clock chips in without tearing the board to pieces each time. It will then take the replacement DS12887+ chips which can be bought fairly cheaply.

Now the plug!
If you are not pretty comfortable with soldering 24 pin chips into boards...And although I am OK, ex-radio engineer and so on, I bottled out when I got to the main board and saw how difficult it would be to lift out and invert to get to both sides.

Fortunately for me, Arc Electronics in Southampton fitted a chip holder and a new chip for £70 which is a significant saving on the Yamaha service centre's price to hard-solder the new chip in and of course Yamaha don't fit a socket so once the replacement is in that's likely to be the last time the board will accept a new chip. Arc Electronics can get the DS12887+chips (R.S. do them along with the holders). I know this is a blatant plug (I'm not affiliated!) but it was a small price to pay to get 10 years more out of the Yamaha AND the facility to replace the chip whenever I want! Thanks guys!

All I have to do now is figure how to make the thing sing and dance for me!

BTW...Loving the Sennheiser 409 mic I blagged the other day...Lovely classical guitar recordings sitting close to the 12th fret...
5th May 2013
Old 5th May 2013
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Excellent, I have two Aw4416 and just have realized I´ll have to deatl with this maybe soon. Thanks very much.
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