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4 pin Mini-XLR (TA4F) mic adapter
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25th February 2012
Old 25th February 2012
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4 pin Mini-XLR (TA4F) mic adapter

Anyone happen to know where to get an adapter that'd go from a Shure 4-pin Mini-XLR Female (TA4F), to regular old XLR? a.k.a. a cable with TA4M on one end and XLRM on the other.

I'm trying to adapt a Shure PG185 to XLR (which I randomly bought while looking for a cheap lapel style mic that didn't need a battery). I found raw TA4M connectors but I have no confidence in my soldering skills, really just hoping to get something premade even if it has to be custom built by someone who actually knows what they are doing.

Converting the WH20TQG into a wired WH20 talks about custom making such an adapter, and including a resister to protect against phantom power too which would be nice. Not 100% sure that really applies to this PG185 mic though, and I could also just be careful to not turn on phantom power.

Starting to think it would be less of a PITA to just get another cheap interview mic that's just i.e. 3.5mm, already have such an adapter. Aaaaaa
2nd September 2012
Old 2nd September 2012
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it's not straightforward

Hey... it turns out that Shure makes one. It's the RK100PK. Get it and love it. I think Sennheiser makes one too.

Last edited by funkmeister; 3rd September 2012 at 04:03 AM.. Reason: I'm smarter now than I was earler.
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