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Getting a good salsa piano sound
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11th February 2011
Old 11th February 2011
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Getting a good salsa piano sound

I'm using various VI's for piano, and I just never seem to be able to zero in on the right sound I generally do very short syncopated stuff... much like salsa often.

There are the usual issues about frequency ranges and such, but overall, I think it's the reverb I'm having issues with. I want the piano to sit back a bit. It always either seems too forward, or like it has too much verb on it.

Maybe I'm just using the wrong sorts of verb for it. I've been either trying to match room ambiance that's on other tracks, or using medium halls. I've tried a great many things including shortening predelay to blend it with the verb a bit more, dulling the high end on the verb, and many other things. I think it's time to start over on this issue and just listen to others who have gotten this working.

How do you process salsa piano? I'm trying out various piano sounds here... looking at Alicia's Keys at the moment... I sometimes go for uprights as they tend to be a bit less muddy depending on the octave I'm in.
12th February 2011
Old 12th February 2011
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If you're looking for a good upright piano sound, check out Synthogy Upright Pianos (kind of expensive, though).

Also, Native Instruments Upright Piano (much cheaper, sounds decent).
12th February 2011
Old 12th February 2011
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