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Violin Style Bass tones???
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Tops Cut oFF
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16th November 2010
Old 16th November 2010
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Violin Style Bass tones???

so has anyone recorded a lot with violin style basses? i am prob gonna end up getting one and was wondering if anyone has had success or frustrations with one. are the tones any different?
16th November 2010
Old 16th November 2010
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It's all about the strings - there is world of tone just by changing the type and brand of strings. Flats and Tape wound; La Bella, Pyramid, etc, etc. I've got an Epiphone, but i've played a Hofner and the Hofner is the one to get. And find a good guitar tech - they are all problematic. Rattles and tuning issues abound. But there is something about the sound.
16th November 2010
Old 16th November 2010
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I used to have a 60's Hofner Club Bass (basically the same as the Violin Bass), and also an EKO Violin Bass (also from the 60's).

Nowadays, I have a Rogue Violin Bass that I picked up for $100 and in alot of ways, it beats both.

The hardest part of these basses is getting them to play in tune.

I'd say try the Rogue out (with flatwounds), before you drop some serious $ on a vintage Hofner (which is more of a collector's item imo).

Actually, the last tour I went on, the artist requested that I bring the Rogue over my beloved 71' P Bass.
17th November 2010
Old 17th November 2010
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I own a '66 Hofner

Compared to my other basses, it feels like a toy and the action
is kinda rubber bandy, correct intonation can be difficult.

I would use a 62-64 Spec Jazz Bass with flats or a Rick 4001 with Flats.

You might try some of the newer hollow body basses, but I would
go for a working mans bass that can be set up to perfection.

Here's my '64 Jazz D/I treble rolled off a bit, also played with fingers.

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