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Waves Paz Position - AntiPhase
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7th July 2010
Old 7th July 2010
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Waves Paz Position - AntiPhase

Hey! I was just wondering, Is it to hard Pan 100% the same rhythm guitar, in one side just like it was recorded, in the other side a different Impulse and moved a few ms ?? or should I pan it maybe 80% ??? When i use the Waves Paz Position, it shows me lots of peaks on HardPan guitars. When i go 80% there's almost no peak, just a few and not constantly. So what do you guys say? I'm just starting with this anti phase thing, i actually read it today, i never knew about it. Thanks! The idea is to get powerful rhythm distorted guitars, like green day.
7th July 2010
Old 7th July 2010
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It needs to be more than a few ms. Actually a few ms might be worse than none in some cases, since you end up with all kinds of wierd interactions. Something around 12 to 15 will get them clearly out of each other's way and still we only be very barely heard as being separated in time, and should handle mono collapse enormousely better. If you can go up to 18'ish without it sounding unnatural, then that'll be even better. Lower the volume slightly perhaps on the later one, or maybe use a slightly faster compression or a little EQ cut in the presence frequencey area, so that it still balances but doesn't call as much attention to itself being later in time.
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