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Help me with new equipment
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22nd April 2009
Old 22nd April 2009
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Help me with new equipment

i want a new interface, a new 8 channel preamp and a great A/D converter. budget of say around $2500. Oh and i'd like to work at 192khz. Any suggestions to a new rack?! I can make a $400 presonus FP10 with $100 2 channel mic pre sound like "Radio" so i'm excited to work with good equipment. Thanks!
22nd April 2009
Old 22nd April 2009
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The radio sounds good so that sounds like youve got a good thing there.

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22nd April 2009
Old 22nd April 2009
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While "sound like radio" is about as informative as "long as a stick", "heavy as a stone" or "fast as a vehicle" there is nothing that says that the price of your gear is an indicatin of a performance limit.

The electrons in the gear does not know anything about the price tag someone has put on the boxes.. they obey the laws of physics. ;-)

That said I would recommend that you take a look at the upcoming Audiofire 8 "pre" from Echo which is a 1HE unit containing 8 channels of preamps, AD and DA + 2 headphones out. Echo has good performance (not only for the money but on an absolute level) stable drivers and good customer support. thumbsup

The choise above will leave some of your budget to more important stuff such as mic's and acoustics.

That will not give you 192kS/s capability though and if you for some reason must have that, maybe a used Lynx Aurora 8 with a high performing 8 channel mic pre as 8MP from Line Audio could be a good solution.. and that happens to be what I use myself.

Or a Audiofire 12 (which has 192kS/s capability) with some good pre.

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