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Best sounding portastudio?
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13th May 2008
Old 13th May 2008
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Best sounding portastudio?

And by portastudio I mean any cassette based recorder made by any manufacturer, not just TASCAM.

What about ones that can do 8 tracks?
Funny how there don't seem to be many of them... either they sucked, or they came too late and cheap digital took over, which is it?

Who knows about this stuff? You?

Help a brother out! : )
Originally Posted by reallyjake View Post
I had a Shoot out with behringer and a Shotgun. It's hard to say who won. Humanity? The shotgun was a vintage Remington 12 gauge. It was semi-auto, not pump, if that makes any difference. The Remington had quite a bit of bass and high-end, as well as punch and kick. It blew the behringer to bits. I know many like to brag, "this unit smokes this one". But that is what happened here. There was a sort of natural reverb when firing at the Behringer and it sounded sweet to my ears.
13th May 2008
Old 13th May 2008
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i've used so many, i can't count. the last one i used before going to a digital roland was a tascam 488. 8 trks that record 4 per side of tape so you could do some cool reverse effects easily, by simply flipping the tape.

100's of songs done on the 488 and there was one real cool thing about it that i've never found in a plug-in or digital medium, period: you could make a piece-o-sh1t drum machine sound way better by really printing it in the red. an otherwise boring random drum machine sound was squashed into tape compression goodness. i should dig out a cover of gary newman's "cars" (we covered a heavy version like, 3 years before Fear Factory did fwiw, and ours is way better) that demonstrates what i'm talking about. i wish i still had it if not just to reprint drum loops etc. for songwriters, i still think they're a great tool.
14th May 2008
Old 14th May 2008
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Original Porta 144 sounds nice.
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