Changing from FW MOTU 282MKII to PCIe RME, please advice!!!
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10th March 2008
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Changing from FW MOTU 282MKII to PCIe RME, please advice!!!

Hello there GS!

Ive been using my MOTU 828mkII for some years now, and im happy with it! It is rocksolid (with the adecuate drivers), and gave me an excellent service! But i think its now time to upgrade...

I like the latencies i get with my 828mkII, but... ive seen the latencies you can get with PCI interfases, and i really like it, in my personal oppinion, it is quite faster and even more stable! It might be logical that PCIe is even faster! Please correct me if im wrong...

The point is... I would love to make an upgrade, and im looking at an RME solution, at first i wanted the RME fireface 400... but as i stated before, im going for the PCIe models, has anyone got a good advice? I plan to spend something below 1200 USD.

Ive seen the Multifase 2/PCI card combo for over 1150 usd on, but... i dont know if the PCIe will be FASTER and if it would be best to buy it separetly! What do you think?

Thank you for your time!!!
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