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Symphony/Logic 8/Hardware I/O
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12th October 2007
Old 12th October 2007
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Symphony/Logic 8/Hardware I/O

Ok, so I’ve done some homework, but can’t seem to get this question answered.

Can you insert External Compressors/Eq’s and the like via an I/O insert in Logic Pro 8, using a symphony system and have no latency issues?

I know you can set all this up, but what I don’t know if it will yield the same end result that doing the same thing that Protools HD will?

When I was using my Logic/Symphony system before, I was not inserting any outboard gear, so I just don’t know for sure the answer to this one.

Protools HD’s Delay Compensation takes care of all the latency when inserting Hardware while both tracking and mixing. Will using a Symphony/Logic 8 system give you the same thing? Or, will there be either audible latency while tracking and/or mixing or the need to nudge tracks.

Worth noting, I called Apogee Tech Support and they were not able to answer the question. I asked them that no one has asked the same question when comparing the performance of a Symphony System to that of a Protools HD system in regards to inserting outboard gear? He said no, he’s never gotten the question. Does anyone else find that strange? Or, are most people who use Logic Pro and Symphony totally ITB.
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13th December 2007
Old 13th December 2007
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I have a symphony system and what I do is during tracking when I want to use a hardware compressor etc I use an Input track and use the I/O plugin to route the hardware. I haven't noticed any latency.
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