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Stacking pedals that have dry blend eg 2 x Tube Screamers?
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8th February 2013
Old 8th February 2013
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Stacking pedals that have dry blend eg 2 x Tube Screamers?

What's been your experience?

I wouldn't necessarily stack 2 Tube Screamers, but I do have TC Nova System that has a TS style OD.

I also have a Digitech Bad Monkey, and a Source Audio Multiwave Distortion... which is the Mutts Nuts as far as creative distortion goes. Loads of gain if you want and a programmable clean blend.

I've stacked both the above with my TC and it generally works really well for rhythm parts, especially if the amp is not totally clean... Nice and punchy, just on the edge of breakup so there is some compression - doesn't always work for lead though.
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8th February 2013
Old 8th February 2013
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I tried stacking distortion and overdrive pedals for years, and I could either get them to sound good individually or sound good together, but not both. If it works for you, then go with it, but I couldn't ever figure out a way to get it sing like I wanted. My goal was to have a few different levels of OD to choose from. Like set up two pedals and have a "third" pedal by combining the two, but besides the tone problems, I also wasn't able to quickly switch both on or off.

In the end, I built some looper pedals. They're really cheap and easy to build. They consist of a master input and output, a 3PDT footswitch, two LED's, a pair of resistors, inputs and outputs for two seperate loops (for a total of six 1/4" jacks), and a box. Now with the click of a switch I can switch easily between two chains of pedals. I no longer use two distortion pedals at once, and now just use one at a time that gives me the tone I want. However, if I wanted to use two distortion pedals at once, I could, and still have other distortion pedals with settings that sound good on their own.

But that's just my experience. If it sounds good, do it!
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