Line6 shootout
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29th January 2013
Old 29th January 2013
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Line6 shootout anyone?

did anybody ever do an A/B test of the original stompboxes FM4 and friends against the newer M5/M9/M13? website says it's the same emulations.
31st January 2013
Old 31st January 2013
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Years ago I did a test between my FM4, DL4, MM4 and my Pod XT. I believe they are supposed to be the same algorithms. They sounded very much alike, but not identical. Although it isn't easy to match settings, it was easy for me to decide, in every instance, that I liked the sound of the individual modeling pedals better than the Pod. I still own the pedals, I gave the Pod away.

They were great live pedals for me back in the day, and each one has a couple of sounds I still enjoy, but more often than not if I pull one out and plug it in, I end up frustrated with the tone.

Having said that, aren't the newer pedals hd or something?
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